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Just because you disagree with someone or have a difference of opinion does not mean that you hate them! 


Partnering to educate parents and community members about the Olentangy Local School District and the best ways to help students achieve academic success.

Our Mission

We are a grassroots organization providing a voice and platform for parents, students, teachers and administrators. We support efforts leading to academic success, advocate for curriculum transparency, seek unbiased learning spaces, value critical thinking, and champion collaboration and the free movement of ideas.

Report an Incident

Concerned about something that happened? Help keep the community informed by sharing your story. Testimonies can be submitted anonymously.

Get Involved

Get information on what's happening at the local level and find ways to get involved to make a difference.

2022 in Numbers


Largest District in Ohio




School Buildings


"In September, I saw a Black Lives Matter image on a school monitor that scrolls announcements.  It made me upset, because I know what that group represents, so I sent the image to my mom.  She posted the image to a local Facebook page voicing her disagreement with BLM being in the school. I didn't even know my mom posted it online, but I found out because people started calling me racist and sending me text messages saying things like "Your mother doesn't know who she is dealing with" and making comments like "you need to control your mother." I didn't want to return to school, and I've been shunned by long time friends because of it."

Anonymous OLSD High School Student

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