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Olentangy for Educational Integrity is a grassroots organization that welcomes students, families, educators, and community members who seek to support and unify the Olentangy Local School District.


We believe that community involvement should be embraced by district leaders and staff, and we work together to cultivate connections with our students’ schools.


We advocate for parental participation, educational transparency, fiscal responsibility, and scholastic success for all learners.


As stakeholders and school partners, we believe that our children should experience inspirational school days and be united in scholarship.


We honor diversity, believe that all students should be given an equal opportunity to rise, and promote academic growth through curriculum that is free of biased political ideology.


Working together, we strive to engage community members, support teacher professionalism, hold school officials accountable, and raise successful citizens who strengthen our society.

Our Goals

Educate Parents and Defend Parental Rights 

Advocate for Curriculum Transparency

Support Academic Achievement and  Foster Success for ALL Students

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